#DECODED: MANDALEY BAY #RussianFlowers (featuring A.G. Barr from @TheJusticeDept)

Qompu Photoblog: (May 17, 2019) UPDATE: (MAY 19, 2019) #SPELLCHECK: MANDALAY 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY ON 9 / 11 #RussianFlowers Reference: Mandalay Bay grand opening date: March 2, 1999 (Washington Post) #DECODED: MANDALEY BAY #RussianFlowers (featuring A.G. Barr from @TheJusticeDept) Special thanks to @HowardStern courtesy of Wendy’s from my dear brother, AKA “CIA Abe” RIP […]


Qompu Photoblog (May 14, 2019) LOVELY FLOWERS, DON MADURO Reference: •The real reason Venezuela’s Maduro survives: Dirty money (Washington Post) •United States Southern Command image showing multiple drug flights from Venezuela in 2010 (via Wikipedia.org) •Venezuela’s First Lady criticizes America for ‘kidnapping’ her relatives and charging them with trafficking (The Telegraph)


Reference: Qompu: Does This Angry Bird Have Info About Nukes in Venezuela? #Collusion Qumpu (infoinq): twitter.com/infoinq, twitter.com/qompu (Twitter) Qompu (infoinq): Ϟ..Formentera What..Ϟ (YouTube) today 😉